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  • Protect your vehicles interior with our state of the art nano film technology. You don't have to sacrifice visibility just to block out the heat!


    Over the past 20 years automotive film technology has not changed. Yet today vehicles are equipped with state of the art electronics and gadgets. However, in recent years the latest renovation from SolarFree Window Film has finally produced a new breed of Solar Control Window Film---A non-dyed, nano-ceramic window tint film called Sentry. This unique automotive film surpasses predecessors simply with its ability to effectively block high levels of heat while remaining installer-friendly. Due to its extremely strong scratch resistant coating Sentry boasts a transferable warranty due to its color stable nature. With its darkest shade yielding a staggering visible light transmittance of 3% its no wonder why we want you to join the Nano-Ceramic Revolution Today!!


    For a free Window Tint Quote call us Today! Our prices are unbeatable and the quality of our work outshines the competition! Whether you are inquiring about a personal vehicle, commercial business or a residential window we have the tools and ability to make it happen.




  • Add style and class to any car or truck. We use high quality transparent paint protection material that adds a unique look to your vehicle.


    We can add protection and style to headlights, tail lights, foglights, interior lights and any other type of light with a lens. It is easily removable if the case need be unlike the other option of getting them painted. Our film protects your lens from the damage of sun rays overtime that can fade the lens and add that nasty yellow haze to a once crystal clear light. 

    The main advantages of our Protective films are:

    - Our Film can be applied to headlights, taillights, fog lights, brake lights, dash boards, stereos and the list goes on...just ask for specific items!

    - Highly Protective against scratches, outside weather conditions, heat and sun fading!

    - Super Transparent, Light Transmittance of 90% without sacrificing the original light source so your brakes can be seen!

    - Non Color Fading over a long period of time!

    - Adds style to any car or truck!

    - A huge variety of colors to choose from!

    - Removal is very simple and doesn't leave Residue!

Complete Vinyl Wraps

  • Add style to your ride with our high quality Vinyl Wrapping. Protect your paint and turn heads with your own unique and custom look!


    Vinyl Wrapping is similar to what repainting a car might offer but cheaper and actually preserves the paint and clear coat that's already present on your vehicle.

    With thousands of designs and colors to choose from you can really add a unique style to your ride that fits you. Vinyl Wrapping is becoming more and more prevalent in today's automotive scene. It offers a much cheaper alternative to painting and if the time comes to ever sell your car vinyl is very easily remove-able without damaging the original paint and finish of your car.

    -Prevent paint chips from small objects such as rocks as seen on highways!

    -Prevent Chicago's Salty winter roads from damaging your clear coat.

    -Prevent fine swirl marks and scratches from dust and debris of everyday driving.

    -Block out the sun from fading your paint overtime and ruining your cars exterior.

    -Prevent nature from running its course on your paint (tree sap, acid rain, ice and dust scratching)

    -Add some serious Style to you car!

PartialVinyl Wraps

  • Considering Vinyl Wrapping but unsure if you want a complete overhaul? We also offer wraps for single panels such as Hoods and Roof.


    If your not sure you want a full vinyl wrap of your vehicle than why not start small with just a hood or roof. We can vinyl wrap specific panels as well such as fenders, hood, roof, bumpers and doors and front lips etc. With the large quantity of designs to choose from you can still add that specific flavor to your car without having to do a complete vinyl wrap front to back. This is a good way to see how our product is and how durable and safe it is for your paint. Start small and move up from there. We can do glossy colors, flat colors, vinyls with designs on them and more! The only limit is your own imagination!

    -Choose a panel or two and wrap them for a unique look!

    -Choose from thousands of colors and designs!


    For a free quote on estimated costs give us a call. We'll give you all the information you need to make a smart decision. Our Prices are unbeatable and so is our customer satisfaction.

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Welcome to Frankies

Welcome to the house of Ceramic Window Film & Head/Taillight Protective Film!

With Protective Films and Tints you can stay cooler during the summer. Our window tints block 95% sunlight to protect your vehicles interior from damaging sun rays that can fade away any material. In addition with our tints we can protect your headlights and taillights from rock chips and scratches with out high quality Protective Films that are available in a variety of colors.

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