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Protect your interior

Tinted Lights

Protective & Stylish


Full Car Wraps

Window tinting

  • Protect your vehicles interior with our state of the art nano film technology. You don't have to sacrifice visibility just to block out the heat!



  • Add style and class to any car or truck. We use high quality transparent paint protection material that adds a unique look to your vehicle.

Complete Vinyl Wraps

  • Add style to your ride with our high quality Vinyl Wrapping. Protect your paint and turn heads with your own unique and custom look!



Welcome to Frankies

Welcome to the house of Ceramic Window Film & Head/Taillight Protective Film!

With Protective Films and Tints you can stay cooler during the summer. Our window tints block 95% sunlight to protect your vehicles interior from damaging sun rays that can fade away any material. In addition with our tints we can protect your headlights and taillights from rock chips and scratches with out high quality Protective Films that are available in a variety of colors.

news and Events

  • Aug. 29.2014

    Check out our new website! Tell us what you think and leave a review!

  • Aug. 29.2014

    We've just upgraded our Window Tinting Technology!

  • Jan. 26.2012

    New Location Coming Soon!


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